Saturday, October 12, 2013


On October 1 and October 6, 2013, I wrote blogs about when I helped two individuals recently with either genealogical, photographic, or research type items. The tables turned and now it's my turn to praise a helper.

In doing some research on my Civil War ancestors, I ran across another blog here on Blogger that interested me. The title of the blog is CIVIL WAR DAYS & THOSE SURNAMES. I started to read it and realized that the writer KNEW his Civil War stuff. I decided to ask him a question or two.

His name is Dennis and I got his email address from his site and asked him if he had ever written about the 40th Ohio Volunteer Infantry which was my great-grandfather's company (on my maternal grandfather's side). His response was swift and educational. He sent me a link to the History of the 40th Ohio Volunteer Infantry by John N. Beach. I downloaded the PDF book and spent the evening reading it. Dennis also sent me information on (John Anderson Porter) my great-grandfather's enlistment date, his muster-out date, and his photo (which I already had). His research effort was greatly appreciated.

While doing some genealogy research on my maternal grandmother's side the other night, I found out that two more relatives fought in the Civil War. Time to ask my new friend for his help again. I asked him about William P. Irion and Henson C. Irion. Again, he was helpful and sent me the information on both veterans and their relevant dates. William and Henson were the children of my gr-gr-gr-grandfather, John Irion (and his wife Catharine Hawk).

To see his Civil War blog website CLICK HERE. If you like Civil War history, his blog is a good read.

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