Thursday, March 15, 2012


I went to let my dog out in the backyard this evening and something caught my eye. I am always observant of my yard for her safety.

I have been watching the early growth of greenery very closely due to the warm temperatures. Something was different, even in the dark.

I walked out to see my FIRST BLOOM of the season in my yard. Three daffodils had emerged during the day in the nice sunshine. They were not there yesterday - I looked.

It's nice how Mother Nature just snaps her fingers and the blooms appear to bask in the springtime sun. I have never had a daffodil bloom in March before. There is another patch out by the fence and I'm sure in no time they will also be blooming large.


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Sue's News said...

I have THREE kinds of daffodils blooming, so I'm in floral heaven! On March 12 I took daffodils to put on my godson's grave(the one behind Ann Wilt's)as that is his birthday. The next day I took daffodils to put on Mollie's garve!