Sunday, July 31, 2011


This afternoon I sent a text message stating, "Let's rewire the world because it has gone dark. Darkness looms but there might be light at the end of a tunnel underground." I was in my "pensive" mode. The recipient called wondering "what did I mean?" It was really very simple.

Reception can sometimes be a problem with Time Warner cable. Normally, things work fine. Then there are those days that I can't get a favorite channel on my cable box. I can't switch to Dish or Direct TV or I would lose the one channel I watch more than any other in the lineup.

Therefore, when I had a reception problem this week, I called for repair. The actual problem was an intermittent signal on one station, my second favorite channel.

Today, I learned the difference between a 'repairman' and the 'smart repairman'. Back in April of this year, I had a similar reception problem and the repairman gave me a new digital cable box, and changed the splitter after he said they do go bad. A lot is based on weather conditions when water/moisture gets into the connector lines outside. He also changed the outside connector line where there was moisture from the rains.

The good times lasted almost three months. We've had rain and wires can conduct moisture I learned. Analyzing the situation myself, I learned that two of my three televisions were able to pickup my channel in question. So it had to be the cable box or the wire connected to it. I was correct in that part.

The smart repairman checked the splitter first to check the wiring with his meter. The next thing I saw were cutters and two lines were snipped, and the TV went dark. I was in the 'dark' for almost three hours. He said the inline wires were more than 20 years old and not used any longer, due to the switch to digital formatting, and my wiring setup was a nightmare. I said Time Warner did it a long time ago.

I no longer have a wire going into my attic, coming down into a closet and split into three TV receptions. I no longer have wires strung in my rear gutter or hanging off the house. Two wires inside the house were newer and useable, so with the mainline being new, and the other two being consolidated into a new splitter-type unit under the house, all systems are 'go' again. I also have a cover over the outside connector line to prevent rain damage.

I also learned today that HD cables are free and available from Time Warner. I have an HD television, but was never able to utilize its capabilities. My repairman hooked up those cables to my digital box and reset the TV to make it work. After a couple questions, I now know how to use my remote for more options also. I didn't have an instruction booklet, but I have one now. The smart-repairman was able to make reception better and me very happy with his knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail (after 12 years on the job).

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