Monday, March 21, 2011


He wants to run his own business.
He wants to select his own doctor.
He wants to make his own bargains.
He wants to buy his own insurance.
He wants to select his own reading matter.
He wants to provide for his own old age.
He wants to make his own contracts.
He wants to select his own charities.
He wants to educate his children as he wishes.
He wants to make his own investments.
He wants to select his own friends.
He wants to provide his own recreation.
He wants to compete freely in the market place.
He wants to grow by his own efforts.
He wants to profit from his own errors.
He wants to take part in the competition of ideas.
He wants to be a man of good will.

What kind of a nut is he? He's an American who understands and believes in the Declaration of Independence, that's what kind. Why are so many trying to destroy the kind of life that has made our country the envy of others?

Wall Street is destroying our economic stability. The U.S. House is trying to control the female body and our rights. The Republicans are focused on making back-room deals with their special interests to fund their campaigns and buy votes. Governors are trying to destroy the freedom of unions and their collective bargaining rights that have been around for fifty years. Foreign countries are fighting for their freedom from tyrants, and we are fighting for the rights which we have enjoyed for years; the ones Congress wants to take away from us. The large corporations are getting tax breaks; millionaires and billionaires are getting tax cuts and hoarding their money - instead of creating jobs. Millionaires don't create jobs. The little guy does - small business. But the big corporations are getting all the benefits and the middle class is struggling to survive. Where are the jobs?

The few at the top - the rich - are killing the middle class and the poor and Congress wants to take away all the needed assistance for the poor. Something doesn't seem fair about that. I think something needs to be done at the ballot box during the next election. Someone needs to stand up for the little guy, the poor, and the programs that keep them alive. The rich need to pay more taxes and corporations need to be taxed and get no money benefits from the government anymore. This country was built on the backs of the senior citizens of today, and the corporations and the rich want them to die in poverty. That's just sad. And WRONG! Let's fix this - recall the governors who don't believe in citizens rights; vote out the Congressmen who fill their pockets with corporate money - and bring our freedom and rights back to the people. We earned it. People like the Koch Brothers just inherited it.

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