Friday, November 26, 2010


Today, when I sat down to give thanks for my blessings, one special person was with me. As some know, I've had an especially rough year, a few physical incidents, many mentally stressful days, and personal losses and let-downs.

For all the personal family losses, I have learned to cope and endure. My worst loss cannot ever be matched and will always remain the biggest heartbreak of my life. Someday in the future, a person will have to come to terms with the realities of life. I cannot change that, nor would I try. As he ages and learns, he will grow to regret his loss. I will only see it from the great beyond.

For each loss in life, something takes its place. Like the old saying, "when one door closes, another one opens." A very special person in my life has done that. After enduring my greatest loss, he stepped up and filled the biggest shoes. He has been my rock, my support, my help when I needed it, and the main focus of my later years. I know he will be there for me when my time comes and there are not enough words to express my love and gratitude for his unspoken devotion. He is a person who does not express his feelings in words but in deeds.

Today we sat and ate together, talked, and shared time - his greatest gift to me. I am thankful for his unspoken love and support and I know he will reap the benefits of his decisions.

So today my greatest thanks is for the blessing of having him in my life and knowing him these past 10 years has made me a better person. I will TANGO through the rest of my days just knowing you are in my life. You know I love you.

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