Thursday, March 25, 2010


The following video of REAL doctors PROVES that the HEALTHCARE BILL is a GOOD THING for this country and the 32 million uninsured people it will cover. The good taxpayer and bill paying citizen will no longer carry the burden of paying for those who die needlessly or who visit emergency rooms without the ability to pay. Those poor and unemployed will now have access to healthcare, thanks to the tireless efforts of the ONE POLITICAL PARTY that CARES about the American people and this great country!

Now the PARTY OF NO has so fueled the fires that people are getting attacked, death threats are being thrust upon congressmen. They have spewed so many lies and rhetoric that uncivil people are taking to the streets in civil disobedience. That shows the mentality of the Republican Party. They are acting like a bunch of NUTS and SPITEFUL, VINDICTIVE CHILDREN. Take your toys and go home - like Senator John McCain threatened to do!

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