Sunday, October 6, 2013


On September 27, 2013, I wrote a blog entitled DEAD END - ALMOST. It was about researching my grandfather's real estate license. In the family photo box, I had found a frame containing his 1966 Real Estate License. When I took the license out of the frame to make a copy of it, I found the agent license for Harry A. Buchanan, who used to work for my grandfather. This frame hung in my grandfather's office in 1966, but no one knew there was an additional license in the frame, since both my parents and grandparents are deceased.

I went to the Archives here to search for a probate file to look for descendants of Harry and found the legatees page listing a daughter, and Thomas A. Buchanan as his son, living in Washington state in 1982 when Harry died.

After some genealogical research, I learned that Thomas died in Mercer Island, Washington in 1993. Therefore, I knew I had to search for a grandchild of Harry, and child of Thomas, so my search began. Luckily, because of a friend, I was able to learn that Harry's grandson was named Todd Buchanan and I surmised that he might still lived near Seattle, Washington, pursuant to Harry's obituary. After calculating an estimated age of over 50 for the grandson, I started a new search.

Tonight I was able to accomplish my mission. Using my online resources to their fullest extent, I was able to locate a Todd Buchanan near Seattle. A total of three were originally located, and by calling the first two, which gave me negative results, the third call was answered by Todd. When I told him why I was calling and asked if he was the son of Thomas and the grandson of Harry, I was elated to learn HE WAS just who I was seeking.

We talked for a short time and naturally, being skeptical, he wanted to verify my information and who I am. I told him to call the funeral home that handled his grandfather's funeral and check out my information and call me back. He did just that and received a good reference for me and my genealogical efforts.

I was happy that he called back to allow me to mail him his grandfather's original real estate license from 1966. My mission was to get this item to a relative of Harry's so that it could stay in the family as a memento.

I am now preparing to send this memento to its rightful owner to be passed on in the family chain. I feel like I have accomplished another GOOD DEED in my genealogy search. These little good deeds are making me feel SO good about what I'm doing. The feeling I get inside my heart just brightens my day more than I can describe.

I can now close the chapter on this quest and move on to my next conquest. Movin' on and feelin' good!

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