Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Monday I went to the Greenfield Cemetery to do some Find-A-Grave research. I first went to the office to look up some section and lot numbers. Once I had the information I needed, I drove to Section 1, parked, and began looking at my notes.

A small pickup truck stopped as I stepped out of my vehicle. An older gentleman asked if I could help him. He said he was from Franklin, Ohio and unfamiliar with the Greenfield Cemetery. Of course, I said I'd try. He said he was looking for some Murray grave markers, and how would he go about finding them.

I asked if he knew the section number where they might be located, and he said no. I said that the first thing we would have to do is look on the interment list on the Internet to find the name and section number where they are located since there are about 18 sections to search.

Since I didn't have my computer with me, I did the next best thing; I called the Administration Office, Third Floor, where the cemetery records kept. I have met the gals on the third floor, and the one who keeps the records, so I have personal knowledge of names and phone numbers. I was worried that since it was so close to quitting time at 4pm, I might miss them. I was lucky enough to get Holly on the phone and she said Bev might be able to help me since Margaret (cemetery office) was off today. Bev works in the water office across the hall, so I asked her if she could please check the notebook on top of the file cabinet and look up a name for me. (I knew the notebooks were there when Margaret's office is closed, since I do a lot of research there.)

Bev was able to find the Murray names and told me the section and lot number. Coincidentally, I was parked at Section 1 and that was also the location we needed to search. The gentleman walked with me as I walked to the general area where I began to look. It was just a couple minutes and we found the Murray markers he was searching for and he was so surprised. I asked if he wanted a photocopy of them. I took a photo of the markers and said I would be glad to mail them to him. Then I asked him to stand next to the main marker and I also took his picture.

Tomorrow his photos go in the mail to him and he has already expressed great thanks. As we talked briefly before he left the cemetery, we talked about Franklin, Ohio and my two relatives there. He knows one of them and has heard of the other.

I was glad to help him - a good deed done - and it is indeed a small world!

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Linda Jean Limes Ellis said...

Hi Gail, thank you for sharing your heartwarming story with us and your photograph that accompanies it.

You are a great help to so many of us who need it regarding taking the cemetery and gravestone photographs at the Fayette County and Greenfield Cemetery.

Gail, your support, encouragement, and 'can-do' spirit have kept me going that is for sure!!!

Thank you for all you have done to help me and others, Gail. May God Bless!