Monday, October 21, 2013


I bought a large shelf for $2.00 quite some time ago and found it when cleaning the garage yesterday. I purchased the shelf to display my small NASCAR items. Yesterday afternoon, with some help, the shelf was hung on the wall above my three bookshelves* filled with NASCAR car models and other items.

Today I filled the shelf with my Dale Sr. and Dale Jr. memorabilia. On the bottom shelf, is a deck of Dale Sr. playing cards (valued at $15); on the next shelf is the #3 Intimidator semi-hauler; on the next shelf up are two collector Brickyard Dale Ronson lighters in their round metal tins (valued at $109.99 each); and on top are several Dale Sr. and Jr. collector tins.

*One bookcase of three shelves holds Dale Earnhardt Sr. items; one like bookcase holds Jimmie Johnson items (my favorite driver); and the third like bookcase holds Dale Jr. and Jeff Gordon items. Yes, I'm a BIG NASCAR FAN.

Another project completed.

I just love it when I can cross another item off my TO-DO list.

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