Friday, June 14, 2013


Miss Kitty - I'm home!

I left my cat at home and took off for two days with my dog. I would never travel without my dog, but the cat is self-sufficient at home. We got home about 5pm this afternoon and Miss Kitty greeted us at the door to voice her "hello's". After the car was unloaded and I was settled on the couch, Miss Kitty climbed upon my lap to reassure me that she still loved me and was glad I was home.

I traveled to see my nephew for a day (220 miles), then to see a friend for a day (another 75 miles). I must admit, my visit with my nephew was "different" and shorter than expected. Then I traveled into the area of the major storm that was on the news while crossing northern Ohio.

At my friend's trailer, after we ate dinner, his daughter and I waited inside while he went out to close all the trailer windows when the heavy rain started pouring down on the "tin can" trailer. He got soaking wet, of course. (Most of the hand-cranks on the windows were broken - old trailer.) Luckily, my car was parked safely between two trailers and somewhat protected. But, during the heavy downpour of rain, hailstones the size of large gumballs started to pellet the metal sides and roof of the trailer. That's when you really feel like you are in a tin box.

My dog hates thunderstorms so I followed her to the safest room in the trailer - a small room in the middle of the trailer (too small for a normal bedroom - just bigger than a bathroom) and I sat on the floor to calm her anxiety attack. The rain pounded and the hail pinged off the cars for quite some time. It was accompanied by high winds and we watched leaves blow all over the area. It was close to 1am before the torrent stopped and we went out to check the damage. We found no damage, just leaves to remove from the cars and yard. We weathered the storm - in a tin box.

It was a good visit (other than the hailstorm) because we joked, laughed and talked. Today, I traveled the other 200 miles home and found a surprise upon my arrival. When I left Tuesday, my new-this-year rose bush had a large bud ready to burst. I could see by the yards and fields I passed along the road close to home that this area got a good bit of rain also. The first thing I saw was this beautiful red bloom - my first rose of the year. What a joyful homecoming it was!

I hit a mileage milestone on my two day travel also. I finally achieved the odometer reading of 27,000 miles on my 13 year old "babied" car! At this rate, it will outlast me!

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