Thursday, June 27, 2013


My first goal was accomplished this past weekend - my attic project. For those who read my previous blog about my summer projects, you know that I started by cleaning out my attic and going through all the boxes. I have saved only 3 totes (out of the 18 brought down from the attic) of items and the rest is either donated or ready for auction. I have so many empty totes stacked in the garage, it makes me proud that I finished my June goal ahead of schedule.

I had a light schedule this week, and chose today to stay home and celebrate my birthday alone, just doing what I wanted to do. I decided today was the day to fill my hot tub. Monday I scrubbed the tub down inside and cleaned the left half of the back porch. Tuesday the right side of the porch got cleaned and vacuumed. All that was left was to put water in the tub and plug it in. Since I didn't use it last year, I decided it was time to put it back in service and let the soothing water help my lower back aches.

The tub holds about 140 gallons of water so after hosing off the 3 yard chairs to clear the water from the hose, the tub was filled. Then I put the first chemical in the water to protect the liner, waited an hour or so and put in the second chemical as called for in the instruction booklet that came with the tub five years ago. It is now plugged in and going through the heating cycle. It will be 36 hours before I can actually get in and relax, but I'm looking forward to it. I'm patient. The cover is on and the temperature is set to a lower number to help the initial heat cycle.

I will monitor the progress until Friday and be ready to enjoy some hot tub time alone. I am taking the rest of the week off from my cleaning chores. The first week of July will begin my second project - cleaning out the back yard shed. There are many boxes out there to empty to lighten this household load. Declutter and downsize are my new watchwords.

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