Wednesday, August 28, 2013


While sorting out a small box in the kitchen Sunday afternoon, I ran across a couple items that reminded me of days gone by.

The first was a standard eraser with brush from Faber that was used by secretaries (like me) in the days of carbon paper and regular old typewriters. It was sad when making a typing mistake in the old days. Now we just hit the backspace on the computer and the error goes away - poof.

The second item was a small tin that was sold in any drug store containing aspirin for the old style headaches. A lot of women carried one of these small containers in their purse many years ago. I was surprised to see 11 of the 12 small tablets still inside. There have been so many advances in headache medication since the early 1960s. I did research this item and found a few on eBay selling for $4-8.00, and mine is in very good condition.

I'm learning where my past went - into memories surfacing in the old boxes I'm searching.

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