Saturday, August 10, 2013


Euclid Beach Park is but a memory of times gone by. I was born and raised in Cleveland and Euclid Beach was part of a child's growing up in the 1960s.

From 1895 to 1969, the 75 acre park on the Lake Erie shoreline was a beloved amusement park. The Dudley Humphrey family took over the resort in 1901 and it was a family attraction for 67 years.

The Thriller, the Flying Turns, the Great American Racing Derby, the Surprise House, the Dippy Whip, the Flying Scooters, Over the Falls, the Sleepy Hollow Railway, the Carouel, the Rocket Ship, the Racing Coasters, and the Roter were the memorable rides that attracted all ages.

My favorite was the Surpise House with Laughing Sal. I learned to roller skate at the skating rink there, listening to the Gavioli organ, which was the center of the park. High schoolers from all the area schools met there for an afternoon of fun and social gathering.

A memorable treat was the Candy Kisses made on site daily. They sold a lot of popcorn too.

The park closed in 1969, which was a sad ending to an era of fun for kids of all ages. I know that's where I spent a lot of my youth.

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