Monday, May 13, 2013


On May 3, I went to an auction with a friend. I bought a large black oval tin pan which will be great for a flower receptacle. It is too early to buy flowers yet due to the chilly weather we are having here. But maybe later this week it will warm up. I will be looking for pansies and geraniums to add to my flower garden. I already planted aster and magnolia seeds, and I have one pot of strawberries growing.

My finest purchase that Friday night was a heavy brass floor lamp with an oak and brass stem for only $5.00. It had no shade, but had the extended adjustable placement arm like the other two lamps in my living room. I tightened the base and put a light bulb in it. The lamp works fine.

Last Friday, I went to a local thrift shop and found a burgundy lamp shade for $2.00 which fit perfectly and looks good. Now my shiny $7.00 lamp stands in my living room to add more light to the room at night. What bargains you can find if you just look around! (And, yes, I straightened the shade. It was crooked when I took the photo.)

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