Saturday, May 11, 2013


I'm making progress. My back door screen is no longer wired shut. It took a pair of pliers to open and close the door to let the dog out several times a day. I purchased a new door knob at Ace Hardware, only to find out it didn't fit (the door is old). I finally called Cook Home Improvement, since they built the back porch onto the house in the 1970s. He came out, looked at the door, and said he probably had an old door knob in the shop. Today, a guy came out and installed a door knob that covered the holes. The old door knob was long and had a round lock at the bottom. The new ones they make don't have that feature, and the new one I bought was too short and didn't cover the bottom hole. After the door knob was installed, it fit fine, all the holes are covered, and the lock even works. I put the pliers away!

Tomorrow in the mail, I am expecting the new dryer knob I had to order from the Sears Online Parts website. The on/off knob broke on the inside and would no longer turn the stem for the on switch. I have been using another pair of small pliers to turn the dryer on when needed. I found the Sears online parts website very handy this year. I recently ordered parts for my refrigerator. Mother liked Sears and bought all Frigidaire appliances. (It might have had something to do with the fact that she worked at Frigidaire in Dayton prior to marrying my father.) The new knob was only $3.99 and not carried locally in any store.

Sometimes old things last longer and are better made than new items - quality is important. The dryer works fine, only the knob broke. The back porch door is fine, only the door knob broke. The pliers are being retired and I'm back to turning knobs the normal way.

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